4th Annual Stockton Tournament 2021!

Teacher’s Guide – Preparing your students for the 4th Annual 2021 Stockton University High School Chess Tournament

This is a brief guide to the administrative steps necessary to prepare your students to participate in the
2021 Stockton High School Chess Tournament. Getting your students set up with a USCF Membership
and linking it to chess.com enables them to participate in online chess tournaments.

Step 1 – Get each student that is participating a USCF membership. This is the only step that requires
money, your league probably has funds (from your league dues) to help with this cost. So, I recommend contacting your league leadership.

Here is a helpful NJSCF Video on how to buy or renew a USCF Membership ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CN2zB0T0rE

Step 2 – Get each student a log-in at new.uschess.org. This is the new webpage for the USCF. The
student’s USCF Membership entitles them to this account at uschess.org.

Step 3 – Get each student an account at chess.com. These accounts are also free.

Step 4a – Link the uschess.org account to the chess.com account. This is an important step as it takes
chess.com 7 to 10 days to do this. You should aim to have this completed by Wednesday, February 17, and information needs to be entered at uschess.org and chess.com.

These pages describe how to do it:

Page 1 – https://new.uschess.org/news/it-factor-part-3-managing-your-preferences

Page 2 – https://support.chess.com/article/120-how-do-i-connect-my-uscf-id-to-my-chess-com-account

Here are the steps involved:

Step 4b – The student should log-on to their uschess.org account and click the orange button labeled “Manage My Profile”.  Then student needs to scroll down on that page and find the “Online Chess Partners” category.  In the box under that labeled “Site” the student should select chess.com and type their username into the box labeled “Username” on the right.

Step 4c -The student should join the USChess – Members Only Club on chess.com.  The link for that club is:


Step 4d Then, the student should click the orange “Join” button.  The student also needs to fill out the Chess.com Authentication Form, there is a link to that form on the USChess – Members Only club page and appear below:


Step 5 – Finally, the student needs to Join the Osprey Chess Club Chess.com page.  Here’s a link to the club page:


Please note, it is a requirement that Students have their cameras turned on with a clear feed of their faces during the duration of their matches. If they do not have their cameras turned on during the match, the student forfeits their right to dispute “fair play” (cheating) allegations.

Important Tournament Links

Tournament Zoom Link ~ https://stockton.zoom.us/j/97365068237

Tournament Chess.com Link ~  https://www.chess.com/play/tournament/2104051

Last edited 2/26/21

Tournament Standings

Round 1 Standings for Tournament

Round 2 Standings for Tournament

Link for more details ~ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13bmsNQu846DlgSjiyronFxH7wkL36tySXW_Vor1IzEY/edit?usp=sharing

Round 3 Standings for Tournament

Round 4 Final Standings