Meeting Recaps

January 14, 2021

At the 1/14/21 NJCCL meeting, there were 12 people in attendance, 3 Rowan members, Josh Wible, Matt Iacoviello and Josh Topper, 5 Toms River Chess Club Members, Pierre Adams, Bob Love, Bob Whiteside, and for the first time Brian Meinders joined on Zoom and Robert Gialanella joined in the arena! Additionally, we had 3 Ospreys, myself, Sam Smith, and Christian Discenza, and last but not least we had our one unknown person join the arena from Italy!! 

The winner of this week’s arena was Matt Iacoviello with 31 points! 2nd place went to Josh Wible with 17 points and third place went to Pierre Adams with 12 points. Good job everyone!!

During this meeting I had to leave an hour early to attend a NJSCF meeting. Matt Iacoviello took over the meeting and from his report everything went smoothly. Before the NJCCL met on 1/14, the constitution of the organization was voted on and passed which will allow us to move forward with a great framework for our organization.  

I hope to see everyone on Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 6:00 to 8:30 P.M. 

As always, here is our Zoom link for meetings ~

The link for the 1/21 Arena that will properly start at 6:15 ~ 

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And our Club account ~

Thank you,

Nick Carlson